Dr Dan White

Executive Director, Sydney Catholic Schools

Kathy Campbell

Head Business Development and Corporate Services, Sydney Catholic Schools

Paul Cahill

Head Secondary Curriculum, Sydney Catholic Schools

Cathy Forrester

Head of Primary Curriculum, Sydney Catholic Schools

Elizabeth O’Carrigan

Regional Director - Eastern Region, Sydney Catholic Schools

Michael Krawec

Regional Director - Inner Western Region, Sydney Catholic Schools

Dr Mark Turkington

Regional Director - Southern Region, Sydney Catholic Schools

Lesley Evans

Assistant to Director Teaching and Learning, Sydney Catholic Schools

Greg Bowman

Director of Great Big Events

Jennie- lee

Director of CaSPA , Great Big Events

Jonathan Davis

Executive Producer Vision, Great Big Events

Jose Fernandez

Film and Video Director, Great Big Events

Emi Fallon

Program Manager, Great Big Events

Seamus O'Grady

Education Specialist

Stephen Clarke

Artistic Director - Dance

Karen Johnson Mortimer

Artistic Advisor

James Long

Music Advisor

Elizabeth Mullane

Secondary Coordinator

Iris McGill

Eastern Region Primary Coordinator

John Panuccio

Inner Western Region Primary Coordinator

Nancy Cincotta

Southern Region Primary Coordinator

Jennifer Murphy

Artistic Advisor

Philippe-Marc Anquetil

Industry Specialist

Spud Murphy

Artistic Advisor

Charmaine Llave

Program Coordinator, Great Big Events

Claudia Caldareri

Specialist SCS Dance Tutor

Monique Salle

Industry Specialist

Melissa Cooper

Regional Squad Dance Tutor

Chantelle Nabaki

Regional Squad Vocal Tutor

Stuart McMinn

Artistic Advisor - Goodjarga

Lisa Buxton

Leader of Learning Aboriginal Education, Sydney Catholic Schools

Amy Nelson

Specialist SCS Drama Tutor

Nick Harriott

Industry Specialist Film Tutor

Jo Clancy

Artistic Advisor - Goodjarga

Tom Mesker

Industry Specialist Drama Tutor

Henri Stathopoulos

Drama Advisor

Nicole Sheridan

Regional Squad Dance Tutor

Kristina Chan

Industry Specialist Dancemaking Tutor

Meghan Bassett

Regional Squad Leader - Eastern Region

Sarah Boulter

HSC Skillbuilding Workshop

Jacqui Correia

Regional Squad Leader - Inner Western Region

Lauren Hickson

Regional Squad Dance Tutor

Vanessa Dein

Regional Squad Dance Tutor

Blake Wood

Industry Specialist

Nicole Konkoly

Regional Squad Leader - Southern Region Sutherland

David McLeod

Industry Specialist Vocal Tutor

Sarah Stollery

Industry Specialist Dance Tutor

Juliann Weeks

Regional Squad Leader - Southern Region Liverpool

Virginia Ferris

Diverse Learning Dance Tutor

Jane Bridges

Leader of Learning Aboriginal Education, Sydney Catholic Schools

Julieanne Manson

Leader of Learning: Aboriginal Education, Sydney Catholic Schools

David Stephens

Technical & Operations Manager, SCCVC

Scott Hansen

Leader of Learning ELearning Primary

Bev Kennedy

Industry Specialist - Music

Jodie Spooner-Ryan

Industry Specialist - Voice

Georgia Andreacchio

Specialist SCS Drama Tutor

Aaron Robuck

Industry Specialist Voice Tutor

Jessica Newey

Regional Squad Vocal Tutor

Jess Ciampa

Industry Specialist - Music

Marc Malouf

Industry Specialist - Music

Kitty Beale

Communications Officer: Photography/ Videography, Sydney Catholic Schools

Sally McDowell

Communications Officer: Design/Marketing, Sydney Catholic Schools