2020 CaSPA Film fest participation guidelines

2020 CaSPA Film fest participation guidelines

Theme:  Care For The Earth/Environmental Sustainability 

Schools may interpret the 2020 theme in any way to create a short film. Your film must include or feature dance, drama, voice or music or any combination of these disciplines eg:

VIDEO DRAMA: tell a story or convey a point of view on this year's theme through filmed images and words. Submissions may be in any theatrical style or dramatic form or film genre (Soap Opera, Documentary, Bio-pic, A-day-in-the-life, etc) and should incorporate a variety of appropriate film, sound and editing techniques.

DANCE ON FILM: create a short film in which dance is the central theme of a story. Submissions may include any style of dance incorporating a variety of filming and editing techniques to create the plotline around the theme.

STORYTELLING THROUGH SONG OR MUSIC COMPOSITION: communicate this year’s theme via storytelling through song and music composition. Submissions may include any musical style incorporating a variety of filming and editing techniques.

Films may be in any form eg: narrative, documentary, experimental, animation or claymation.
Films must not exceed 2 mins duration.
Schools are asked to read CaSPA Film Fest judging criteria and adhere to copyright information carefully.  
Your film must be uploaded to your Google Drive and shared with caspa.ceo.sydney@gmail.com by Friday, September 11th. Submissions will not be accepted after this date. The name of the file you submit must contain the following information: 2020 CaSPA FilmFest/School Name/Film Title.

Finalists will be announced Friday, September 18th.
Winner and People’s Choice Award announced Friday, October 16th.