2021 Audition Requirements and Fees

2021 Audition Requirements and Fees


Students must present themselves in correct dance attire eg: tights, jazz pants, hip hop wear.

Students are to bring all dance shoes that they train in eg: jazz shoes/boots, ballet shoes, pointe

Students will be auditioned in one group across a variety of dance styles

Students are not required to present an individual piece

Students may be required to improvise a short sequence



Students are required to prepare a monologue or poem either self-devised or known

The piece should be no longer than 1 minute in duration

Students may be required to join in improvised group work and individual play exploration



Students are required to perform part of one song that best represents their vocal quality. A second, contrasting song may be asked for if required.

Students will audition without accompaniment

Students may be required to sing a simple harmony


Ensemble Fees

The cost to participate in the 2021 Student Ensemble Program is $295. This amount will be billed from Sydney Catholic Schools via school fees once students are accepted into the program. A registration fee of $50 is included in this cost and is non-refundable if you forfeit your position in the program once workshops have commenced.