Goodjarga Performance Ensemble

Goodjarga Performance Ensemble

2021 Performance video released soon 

About our Cultural Practice: 


The Goodjarga performance ensemble decided to create a 'student voice' video to highlight the importance of cultural practice. For many of our students, cultural practice provides an opportunity to explore their identity and through this exploration, develop who they are and who they are becoming as individuals and community members.

The importance of cultural practice and how it shapes their world is reflected through their own words. Through the process of learning cultural dance and story, the students have grown and have developed a greater sense of themselves.


 The Murrawadeen Goodjarga Performance Ensemble is our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander student performance ensemble, featured regularly at significant public events and as part of the annual CaSPA LiVE Showcase.

Cultural learning is directed by Dharug and Gubbi Gubbi man, Stuart McMinn

 "I believe that this experience was really amazing as we got to connect with fellow Aboriginal students and to engage with our culture." - Student

Murrawadeen Goodjarga - Placing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures at the heart of our students' education