Regional Performance Squad Testimonials

Regional Performance Squad Testimonials

Caspa is so much fun! I have enjoyed making new friends

I really liked developing my voice and dancing with old and new friends. CaSPA improved my confidence to perform - I love that, it makes me exhilarated!

CaSPA is very interactive and gets everyone involved. I have learnt how to multi task! And am really enjoying the journey!

CaSPA is a great educational and fun experience. I have had a great time with the CaSPA crew and I hope to participate in the CaSPA regional Squads again next year. It was great to have industry guests to come help us prepare for the performance. 

I love it because it is such a happy group. The teachers are good at what they do, and they love it too!  Phil and all the crew are awesome! 

 - Comments from the Sutherland Regional Performance Squad