Senior Theatreworks

Senior Theatreworks


Senior Theatreworks is a company of student actors that present an annual production relevant to senior students across the Archdiocese.

Students from Year 9 - Year 11 are invited to audition for the company each year then undertake an intensive rehearsal program before presenting their work.  

The program provides a tremendous opportunity for students in our schools who are passionate about drama, both as actors and audience. The impact on students from engaging with accomplished peer performers cannot be over-estimated. 

‘Inspirational’ is the word we have heard so often following their performances.  

2020 Senior Theatreworks: through the representation of individual and collective human experiences, we are able to gain a greater understanding of the complexity of human qualities and emotions. No matter the type of experience - spiritual, social, emotional, physical or intellectual, it will involve each of these aspects in one way or another. 

Senior Theatreworks goes a little further than simply identifying the dimension of the experience - you can be part of the experience!  

The 2020 Senior Theatreworks filmed production will be screening soon.