Senior Theatreworks

Senior Theatreworks

Senior Theatreworks is a company of student actors that present an annual production relevant to senior students across the Archdiocese.

Students from Year 9 - Year 11 are invited to audition for the company each year then undertake an intensive rehearsal program before presenting their work.  

The program provides a tremendous opportunity for students in our schools who are passionate about drama, both as actors and audience. The impact on students from engaging with accomplished peer performers cannot be over-estimated. 

‘Inspirational’ is the word we have heard so often following their performances.  


Presenting your 2021 Tutor - Pete Malicki  


Pete Malicki is a creative industries leader, best known as a writer of award-winning monologues and the founder of innovative arts businesses. He is a published fiction author and his plays have been produced over 1,000 times around the world and won more than 20 awards. As a director, Pete has tackled over 60 plays, several film projects and an animation series called Bad Powers. His passion is coaching artists in the development of their creative careers and he has set up organisations such as World Monologue Games, Arts Business Academy, Sydney Foreign Actors Association and The Monologue Project.


The 2020 Senior Theatreworks filmed production is available now via Teacher Resources